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About Me

Since 2019 I study and develop personal web and desktop projects with Python and Django, with the intention of changing my professional career and improving myself more and more so that I can work as a programmer, be part of a development team, contribute to more advanced projects and have the possibility of increasing responsibilities and participation to generate value for an employer or a customer.

From 2004 to the end of 2018, I worked as a Freelancer, creating management systems in Excel and performing IT services.

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António Manuel da Silva Calheiros Neves


+351 912951631




Oeiras, Lisbon, Portugal


Portuguese - native

English - fluent

Spanish - fluent

French - intermediate


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Work Experience



December 2021 - Present

Software Development Consultant

Full time - Lisbon

I am a consultant in the company AMA, participating in the back end team in the development of the Portal Mais Transparência.

Using Python and Apache Airflow and taking advantage of existing code, I increased the automation capabilities for collecting different entities data, validation the collected data and loading into databases in the various development environments. This whole process was automated, with the different steps orchestrated through Apache Airflow.

I standardized the entire EVTL process for all the different themes on the site and facilitated the entry of new theme areas.

With Python and SQL I create all the necessary validations before loading into the final tables, allowing it to make possible to confirm that the data we receive from the entities is correct and is presented in the way we need in the Portal.

Essentially, I am responsible for the entire EVTL process (Extraction, Validation, Transformation and Loading).

Using the Flyway application, I maintain the history of all the necessary SQL scripts in four different environments to recreate the structure of an SQL database from scratch.

Because of the large amount of Excel files made available by different entities and because we need updated these files on the computers of different team members, I created a desktop application with Python, so that the entire team can update the necessary files in a simple way.

This application creates on the user's computer a structure of folders separated by entity providing the data, downloads the files of each entity from the data source's API and organises the files in their respective folder, deleting the oldest ones.

Technologies: Python, Django, PostgreSql, Apache Airflow, Flyway.

School Management System

November 2020 - Present

Full Stack Web Systems Developer

Personal project

Personal project of a complete web school management system, Academic, Pedagogical and Financial sectors. (still developing)
I have been developing this project by myself from scratch.
Through the knowledge acquired by working in several schools, it was possible to know the requirements and specifications necessary for the system, facilitating the creation and modeling of the PostgreSQL database.
On the back-end I use the Python language and the Django framework, on the front-end I use HTML, CSS and the Bootstrap framework which facilitates the design with grid and flex, meets the needs of javascript and also allows the system to be responsive, for use on various platforms.
During development and after testing to ensure that all works properly, I use the Git version control system which together with Github, makes it possible for a continuous delivery of what is being developed, both for a shared hosting and for Heroku .

Technologies: Python, Django, PostgreSql, Html, Css, Bootstrap.

My Tube Library

March 2020 - June 2020

Full Stack Web Systems Developer

Self-employed - Brazil

Personal project of a web system for organizing and categorizing YouTube channels and playlists, in order to put my learning with Django into practice.

Technologies: Python, Django, PostgreSql, Html, Css, Bootstrap.

Python Desktop Applications

January 2019 - January 2020

Software Developer with Python and Kivy

Freelancer - Brazil

Creation of several specific desktop applications for registration and organizing documents to schools, shops and small offices.

Technologies: Python, Kivy, SQLite and PostgreSql.

Colégio Sementinha Feliz

January 2015 - August 2020

Excel Systems Developer, IT Services and Consultancy

Freelancer - Brazil

Computerization and digitization of the entire school management and control system, Academic, Pedagogical and Financial sectors.
Technical assistance, implementation of features and improvements to the management system.

Technologies: Excel, Windows, Microsoft Office.

IT Services and Consultancy

January 2004 - December 2019

Excel Systems Developer, IT Services and Consultancy

Freelancer - Portugal, Spain and Brazil

Development of management systems and Excel spreadsheets.
Provision of various services as Freelance Computer Technician, Technical assistance and consultancy.

Technologies: Excel, Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office.


School Management System

Complete Web System for school management. (under development)

Python, Django, Html, Css, Postgresql and Bootstrap4

My CV, Portfolio and Blog

My Cv, Portfolio and Blog.

Python, Django, Html, Css and Postgresql

My Tube Library

My Tube Library

Web System for organization and categorization for YouTube channels and playlists.

Python, Django, Html, Css, Postgresql and Bootstrap4

Django Custom User

Django Custom User

Custom authentication and user account control template for Django.

Python, Django, Html, Css and Postgresql

School Passive File - Desktop Application

Registration and file system.

Python, Kivy and SQLite

Library - Desktop Application

CD, DVD and Book Library

CD, DVD and Book Library.

Python, Kivy and SQLite